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Vision Training
Become better in sports, develop confidence, improve decision making abilities, increase concentration levels, and become more applied and accomplished in school.

With so many of our youth focusing their attention on short-range, small-screen devices like computers, video games and cellular phones, one would question whether they are losing the associated abilities of wider-scale vision and its effects on brain reaction.  Training with Eye React to enhance the awareness of that which is happening in the peripheral scope will not only aid in enhancement of visual range, but has been reported to provide greater success in the above-mentioned areas.  The visual training for youth is planned in such a way as to provide an enjoyable activity which encourages the youth to challenge his or her own abilities and previous scores.  A side benefit to the increased response time to environment is that of improved brain response to areas such as decision making and concentration; which will lend to improvement on an academic level as well as on a physical level.
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Vision training for youth
Eye React - Vision training for active adults