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The 'ZONE' is where every athlete wants to be when performing to his or her best ability.

The zone is described as being in the moment where the world around you appears to be moving at a slower pace. The brain has somehow slowed the surrounding movement to make the athlete able to anticipate better what will happen next, be able to read the people or play around them, almost predict what they will do… making the athlete feel they are one step ahead of their competitor. Players such as Wayne Gretzky in Hockey and the great "PELE" in soccer were known to possess these abilities naturally. Every top level athlete at some point has been in the zone. Being able to "switch it on or off" at any given or desired moment would place them at the top of their respective sports.

You may ask how Eye React training creates that ability. By creating a faster reacting brain to visual stimulus the visual training provides enhanced reaction and improved perceptions of the movement around them. That is what being in the zone is all about, the paces of people around aren't slowing down it's your brain that is moving faster. Eye React will provide the necessary training to gain the edge over the competition or at the very least maintain the gap between opposing athletes, some who very well may also be training their vision.

The Dynavision D2 has the capability with its multi-functions and multi-levels of measurable testing to increase peripheral awareness as well as improve speed and span of recognition. Increased levels of concentration over longer durations, in addition to lengthened endurance, result in awareness of stress and its affects; which in turn develops accuracy of timing for longer durations. Eye React's additional training techniques will further develop depth perception.
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Eye React - Vision training for active adults
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"Eye React develops the most fundamental aspect of driving faster, safer and better than you were before with measurable results."

"Highly developed peripheral vision enables athletes to better detect movement around them to thereby reduce recognition and reaction times. This enhanced detection is used to place teammates and their actions while evading the opposition - all in relation to the playing surface. Eye React has the equipment, program, and staff to further develop every athlete's peripheral vision and GAME."