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Vision Training
Tactical, ERT, Police, Military Forces, Pilots, Fire fighters, Emergency Responders.

Vision training and recognition are vital to your line of work day in and day out. Performing your duties to the best of your abilities may very well keep you or others safely out of harm's way. A wider span of recognition and faster ability to recognize  unstable situations or potential threats are important if not critical to the safety of yourself and others. The goal of the visual training is to enable the participant to see the threats over a wide area with a split second glance with great accuracy in a very short period of training.

Eye React programs and systems will not only make your reactions faster and more accurate, but the level of confidence in your decision making will become accelerated. The ability to differentiate between a perpetrator and/or a hostage often has to be made in fractions of a second when entering a hostile location or environment. The training you will receive will naturally make those decisions faster and more accurate without hesitation. The added benefits to this vision training include being able to capture information you may not have been capable prior to these enhancement in your brain reaction, such as, reading License plate numbers of a speeding car, retaining details of a suspect or identifying a vulnerable or explosive hazard within a fire.

The Dynavision D2 will measure the progress of your speed, and accuracy. The system will challenge you with what you see and develop your ability to be selective at high speeds, while recording the results and data for comparison. The D2 will be able to increase its programs to simulate being fatigued or stressed while testing your endurance, and challenge you're when you under these situations. Having the ability to test under these conditions will only provide for better results when things become "real" on the job. Additional support programs also provide for varying distance focus of objects and depth perception.
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