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Vision Training
Eye React - Vision training for professional service
Vision training for youth
Eye React - Vision training for active adults
Jeff McKague, owner of Eye React has been teaching/coaching track racers for more than 25 years. The backbone of driving is vision. We teach it in the car, on racing simulators and when we do track walks.

For racers who want to have an edge on their competition they will reap the benefit of Eye Reacts lab training that is specific to driving. You will work hard with this training program that will include speeding up your brain reactions, develop better decision making skills and resulting in only doing purposeful movement.

Your recognition and reaction capability will increase. Therefore you will be able to process more information in a lap than you ever could before. That means that your world outside your helmet’s visor will, in essence, slow down.

We will work your depth perception, visual motor skills, short term memory and so much more.