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Q: Will training with Eye React make me better at my sport?

A: Most definitely! The training will provide quicker and more accurate reactions and perception for any and all sports. The added advantage of training with Eye React is that not only will it improve your sports awareness, it will also enhance the everyday requirements functioning in everyday life. Immediately following the onset of your training you will recognize and experience better concentration, better awareness to what is happening and going on around you. The training with Eye React alone will not make you the top of your sport, but it will provide you with an additional means for increasing your ability to perform and succeed at an elevated level.
Q: Does this training increase my vision?

A: No. It will increase your awareness of what your eyes see.  Your vision is limited to the skull structure around your eyes.  Most people seldom depend on their peripheral vision and are not aware of its level of accuracy.  Eye React can determine that level and enhance the accuracy with training.

Q: I feel less confident in what I see as I age, will Eye React be able to change this?

A: Yes, absolutely.  Our training is tailored to each individual's level and desired goals.  The programs and systems used in training you are not only fun, but measurable, accurate and the means for establishing the desired needs to regain your confidence.  Based on requirements the results will be evident as you become more aware of what your eyes are seeing and processing, therefore making good decisions and reactions become easier and less stressful. The results will vary from each individual, however in each case you should begin to see and feel improvement very quickly.

Q: How long will it take before I notice a positive change?

A: As mentioned in the question above you should see and feel results quickly. For most it is 2-3 sessions (1-2 weeks) that you will notice the first indications of change in how you see and decipher what is being viewed.

Q: How long are training sessions?

A: Training sessions can range in the beginning from 10 minutes - 45 minutes of actual board time.  Usually for sports it is a 20 minute session to start and as you increase your endurance the sessions move up to 45 minutes.  Quality of life through good vision usually only requires 10 minutes of mid to low intensity sessions, and increase to a maximum of 20 minutes.

Q: In my line of work, seeing correctly can be crucial to life or death, how will this training help?

A: People in the Professional Service sector such as Police, Firefighters and Paramedics require skills that place them in an elite category without a doubt. Vision training with Eye React becomes an extension of what should be continued fitness. Not unlike the time you spend on ensuring that your muscles and endurance do not become a negative factor to achieving and performing your day to day activities and maintaining your skill requirements at their highest level, vision training ensures your ability to react and respond to conditions around you is enhanced. The programs and systems are specifically designed to increase your endurance, speed and accuracy; which can be crucial in life saving moments. Scientific data available to you for review will detail the effects of training your eyesight using Eye React. The data, in short, proves that training will allow you to consciously take in larger areas in a single glance, be able to assess the movements and threats and make better, more accurate decisions in split seconds.  Simply put, your span and scope will be greatly enhanced.

Q: Will I be able to measure myself against some big named athletes?

A: The names of all of our clients are confidential.  However we collectively are compiling scores in order to have targets and references that can be cross referenced as to the level of achievement that each sport is achieving.
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