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Concussion Baseline Testing

Eye React offers a more inclusive and defining concussion baseline testing. Brain injury is nothing to be taken lightly. Retesting and comparing initial baseline results will confirm a decision as to whether a player is fit to go back to play or a worker back to work. At Eye React clients are tested for cognitive abilities, balance and reaction. Balance is not included in most CBT testing, but is a vital part of whether the participants have recovered enough to put themselves in harm's way again back on the ice with the hard hitting players, or entering a hostile premise. They will need all their skills to avoid further head traumas. Be sure you get the best results. Insist on Concussion Baseline Testing by Eye React.

Eye React will improve your peripheral awareness. Not sure what you're seeing on the outer scope of your vision? You will and you will see it faster! We will build the confidence back into your sight.

Our program trains you much like the gym trains your muscles. You will see results quickly and over the long term you will develop lifelong abilities. Analogy: Think of our vision/reaction training like stretching. Stretching every day keeps your body mobile, if you stretch and work hard you can do the splits, the same goes for training your vision, work hard and have elite vision.

Concussion Prevention

We have long believed that better peripheral awareness will reduce injury, now we can back that up. The University of Cincinnati recognized that when their football players started doing vision training that the rate of concussion drastically dropped. "Since 2006, UC's football concussion rate has dropped by 80 percent. From 2006 to 2009, UC players sustained an average of 8.75 concussions per year. From 2010 on, the number dropped to just 1.3." "We didn't report the data in the beginning not because we didn't believe it, but because we wanted to be sure," says Dr. Joseph Clark, a professor of neurology. "We're sure now, after four years."

(University of Cincinnati article from Dynavision.com)
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