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Vision Training
Eye React active adult training is fantastic for many reasons.

The results speak for themselves. The training you will receive from Eye React will keep your eye muscles active; ultimately decreasing the rate of deterioration, and keep the brain active; providing stimulation which is known to slow the onset of dementia or other brain related dysfunctions. Additionally, the physical component provides an active upper body workout designed to work at your pace and it is fun!

Many active adults continue to enjoy physically and mentally stimulating activities well into their later years.  However, with depleted visual abilities comes a diminished confidence surrounding some of those activities, one then needs to spend energy evaluating what he or she is seeing to properly navigate the activity.  Concerns can sometimes arise around concentration and memory as well, as we enter our more mature stage of life.  Training with Eye React provides a proven system of activities and tests to improve not only visual perception, but to stimulate brain activity; which in turn brings about more confidence.  The training provides measurable results that allow trainers to develop specific, client-centred approaches to work on very specific areas of need; working with each client at his or her own pace.  In addition to the benefits of vision and brain reaction, the Eye React training provides a gentle physical activity component through enjoyable and private consultative sessions. 
"As an active physical educator who has trained with Eye React, I can tell you that I've noticed an increase in what I see peripherally. I am able to determine what the object is at the outer edge of my vision. I have been able to widen the scope of my peripheral vision, as well. Training with Eye React has also developed my concentration skills. This is accomplished with a combination of training tasks that are going on simultaneously. I would encourage any active person, athlete, and even mature adults to begin training with the Eye React system."
Keith W.
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Eye React - Vision training for active adults